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Welcome to my website

Hello, Welcome to my website.

This is where you can find out about

Matthew Lloyd Davies. Me.

My latest projects, my past projects

and anything you care to learn about my work.


Presented by the Audio Publishers Association of American; The premier award in the Audiobook industry...Nominated twice for Non-Fiction and for Humour...I think that covers most genres in just two categories!


Matthew Lloyd Davies AUDIE 2018 WINNER for HUMOUR

Ivan in The Acedian Pirate: Theatre 503

Audies 2018 Winner also nominated 2017 and 2022

The Magpie Lord  Audiobook Review by



"There isn't a single thing about this audiobook that isn't perfection."


Spring 2020



                         ...and here's a rather lovely review for Carpet Diem by Justin Lee                                            Anderson and narrated by me from Audiofile Magazine:


                          "Narrator Matthew Lloyd Davies shines in this funny, vivid               story...which...develops into an engaging journey through evocative world building, endearing and intriguing characters, and a heavy dose of humor.


Davies's ability to juggle multiple narratives and a sizable cast of characters is both refreshing and delightful; he skillfully switches accents, personalities, and sides of battle, adding depth and relatability to each character. Anderson's storytelling is multilayered and inventive, and Davies's warm tenor is comforting yet invigorating. Together, they carry listeners deftly through Simon's adventure. An ideal listen for fans of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett." K.S.B. 2018 Audies Finalist © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: MARCH 2018]

For more information about Matthew's Audiobook and voice work including the Audiobook Narration Course 21 TARGETS please click the mldAudio logo

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